Who We Are

Having fled conflict, wars, and persecution in their home countries, about 1,800 refugees from around the world are resettled annually in Clarkston, GA.  All of these refugees have come to the United States for a better, more stable life.  These new Americans have experience in fields such as nursing, construction, tailoring, engineering, cooking, and many others, and they are eager to work to support their families.  This is the most diverse square mile in America.  This is Clarkston.

Friends of Refugees was founded in 1995 to empower refugees through opportunities that provide for their well-being, education, and employment.  Since 2008, the Refugee Career Hub, formerly Cafe Clarkston, has worked directly with refugees to find higher-wage jobs and start a career in America.

As part of the resettlement process, the US Department of State authorizes UN-resettled refugees to work immediately in America.

When a job-seeker comes into the Refugee Career Hub, they are offered career-preparation classes, personalized help creating a resume, computer literacy classes, interview preparation, and connection to open positions around metro Atlanta.  Our staff and volunteers work individually with each job-seeker to find a position that fits their schedule, matches their skill-set, and advances their American career.