Resume Before and After Example

Why is the “After” resume better?

  • The “After” resume does not use the first person “I” or “me.”  The hiring manager knows that the resume is about the writer without the use of first person.
  • The summary in the “After” resume is a high-level review of the writer’s experience and background and highlights what makes the writer special.
  • In the “After” resume, a skills section clearly and concisely outlines any special skills and certifications so that the hiring manager can see them quickly.
  • In the Experience section on the “After” resume, each bullet point uses active verbs and describes the writer’s responsibilities and accomplishments in previous jobs.  Hiring managers use this to understand what kind of work the writer will do at a new company.
  • The Education section on the “After” resume lists the most recent degree first.  Almost always, the most recent degree will be the most interesting to hiring managers.