Hiring Refugees

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The guys who started two weeks ago are surpassing the productivity of those shift workers who have been here for years! At this site, our turnover rates have gone from 90% to 10% upon hiring refugees.

- HR Representative - Randstad Staffing


Today in your job fair, we saw a dramatic difference between people who had been through your job readiness class and general walk ins at the job fair. Your graduating class was a lot more prepared to meet me!

- Owner - Compelling Signs


By hiring New Americans, that wanted to be there, we cut down on turnover and had hardworking employees who are excited for the opportunity.

- Joshua Klooz - Facility Service Operations Manager at Cintas


Refugees bring a lot of life, diversity of thought, and are very hardworking.

- Andrew Kraft - Founder and Executive Director at Dwell


Refugee team members are hardworking, work with the intention of doing a good job, and take feedback well. The clear language diversity of refugee team members brings about some incredible opportunities.

- Alison Burnett - Garden Manager


Why Hire Refugees

  • Refugees are documented and qualified for immediate placement.
  • By hiring refugees, you are assisting a hardworking and motivated family to follow the American Dream and achieve upward mobility.
  • Refugees are trustworthy and reliable, and they routinely pass all drug/alcohol and criminal background checks.
  • Refugees are usually open to taking non-popular shifts or working on holidays, providing employers more flexibility in scheduling operations.
  • Increase your company’s cultural diversity by adding workers from around the world with knowledge of international markets to your staff.
  • Refugees can reduce employee turnover, in turn cutting costs for employers.  For example, Cinta’s employee turnover reduced from 50% to 10% and the company saved $16500 in 2016.

Success Stories

Abby arrived in the US 16 years ago from Ethiopia. She worked at a poultry plant and as a cashier while studying for her medical exams. She is now a patient care physician at Dekalb Medical Center.  “I now have a chance to do what I love in this country!”



Hsar graduated from our job readiness class and is now employed! Thanks to the custom resume building and networking that was provided to him, Hsar found employment as a technician at ProGraphics communication in Atlanta.


Having worked in a shopping mall for 5 years in Burma, Lily attended our job readiness classes to learn how to work in customer service in America. Lily now works at a Home Goods retail store! “Thank you Friends of Refugees for giving me the right words to speak to share my values in the American workforce.”



Myths Dispelled

MYTH: Refugees can’t be hired because background checks can’t be run on them.

FACT: Refugees are invited to the US after going through a vigorous screening process. They have undergone stringent  back ground checks, interviews, and bio metric screening from federal agencies including the State Department, FBI, DEA, DHS, and DoD to be admitted into the United States. Upon receiving all the necessary documents to work anywhere in the US, they are immediately eligible to work.

MYTH: Refugees cost the US government a lot of money.

FACT: Refugees add more value to the economy each year then  the entire original cost of receiving and resettling them. They receive a small amount of money to cover their first month’s rent and are then responsible for paying the travel loan, while finding employment that provides for what they need.

MYTH: Refugees take away jobs from Americans.

FACT: Refugees are willing to work shifts and positions that Americans are not. Studies have also shown that refugees are more likely to become entrepreneurs.

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